Burn Survivor Medical Resource

Burn Survivor
Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, CA January 28, 2008 – Those in need of treatment for burn-related accidents require as much assistance from friends and loved ones as possible. A burn-related injury can be a traumatic experience, and help is needed to get a victim back to health and functioning once again.

Burn Survivor is here to help. Information can be the most powerful tool on the road to recovery. Burn Survivor has compiled resources that are easy to navigate, easy to understand, and can help make that road as smooth as possible.

Oftentimes, those suffering from a major burn injury can feel ill-prepared to take care of themselves. The Medical Care Guide at Burn Survivor can be a great starting point to begin understanding and coping with burns and burn injuries.

The specific topics in the Medical Care Guide on Burn Survivor are comprehensive, dealing with many aspects of burn injury and the burn recovery process. Topics include:

Burn Statistics
Burn injuries, which have reached epidemic proportions in recent years, are considered a health care problem which is more serious than the polio epidemic was at its peak.

Types of Burns
Several factors are used to determine the severity of a burn injury, including the patient’s age, size and depth of burn, and the location of the burn.

Types of Scars
There are three major types of burn related scars: Keloid, Hypertrophic and Contractures…

Surgical Procedures
There are two major types of Surgical Procedures that can help to conceal scarring and replace lost tissue for severe burn victims.

Skin Substitutes
For many severely burned patients, skin grafts, using their own healthy skin are not possible because they have very little healthy skin or they are not strong enough for surgery.

Pressure Garments
Pressure garments prevent and control the formation of hypertrophic scars by applying counter pressure to the wounded area.

Estimating the nutritional needs of burn patients is an essential to the healing process.

Thermal, Electrical and chemical burns require different treatments and medications.

Rehabilitation is essential to the healing process for burn victims.

These topics and more are available in-depth at the Burn Survivor.com website. For more information on support such as available Resources to burn victims, and Legal Services and Legal options, please visit the BurnSurvivor.com website for the first step on the road to recovery and support. BurnSurvivor.Com…the most trusted internet resource for burn survivors and their families.


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